The Joy Thru Tears Foundation is passionate about honoring the love, dedication and tireless commitment caregivers provide to whomever they assist.


Our mission is to gift a Wish of a nurturing experience that will refresh and rejuvenate selected caregivers mind, body and spirit.
All Donations will go into furthering and expanding our mission to reach as many caregivers as possible.
Board of Directors (left to right): Rick Bates, Jonathan McKenzie, Amy Jahn, Linda Wright,                         April Alexander, Holli McKenzie, and Louise Frank.

New Release!

The Gift of Great Sorrow

“Louise Frank’s courageous voice offers a gripping testament to loss and trauma, and the healing power of grace, perspective and insight into the many gifts she discovered along the way. At its core, this is a love story that will melt your heart and give comfort and strength to anyone in the grips of caregiving, grief, and the ongoing challenges of caring for ourselves as we vigilantly care for those we love.”

-Gail Hudson, Feminine Empowerment Coach and NY Times bestselling co-author with Dr. Jane Goodall

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A Word From The Author

“In the Gift of Great Sorrow, we experience a story that moves beyond tragedy to triumph. Not because the tragedy changes, but because of the transforming power of perspective, love and courage.”

Louise Frank
Executive Director and Founder - Joy Thru Tears Foundation