Over the years, in the wake of my children’s passing, many of you have encouraged me to write our story, something I started dreaming about twenty years ago. It is a story of enormous loss, but also of great survival. The working title of my book is “The Gift of Great Sorrow”, a title that conveys my dream for those who read it, that there are gifts even in the painful things we endure. Despite the loss of both Joshua and Leah, I chose to help them live the best lives they could and not watch them die. Since their deaths, I have searched for many years to find purpose in the struggles we endured. It is also my deepest hope that in telling our story, others will find hope and inspiration from my journey. 

Today, on the anniversary of my Leah’s passing, I am launching our non-profit website – JOY THRU TEARS. My goal is to help publish my book, raise money for research into the disease that took my children’s lives, and to support other non-profit organizations that helped us when we needed it most. I am working with the help of journalist and author Julie Blacklow and we are making great progress together. I hope to publish “The Gift of Great Sorrow” sometime in 2021. It is a long and arduous process writing a book as I’ve discovered. I will keep you posted and share excerpts from the book in the near future.

2 thoughts on “2020-12-21”

  1. You have inspired me from the day I met you. My parallel story is in my heart and still in my thoughts and you have shared your journey. Well done, good and faithful keeper of Josh and Leah’s story ♥️

  2. You’ve all made such a difference in our lives. We’ve learned so much from you and the kids; how to be humane when facing the unthinkable, laughter will get you through the unimaginable, and just because you’re in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you’re always “nice”…to name a few of the lessons you all shared.
    I look forward to learning more from you when I read your book. Thanks for the time, effort and energy you’re putting into this.

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