Today, it’s been 12 years since I lost the first love of my life.
His mom, Louise, was probably one of the single most influential people in my life, that formed me into the happy human being that I am today. My deep seeded love for travel is from every single scrapbook I ever had the privilege of fawning over, being able to touch tickets, and read details of places I’ve never even heard of. I’ve never personally know anyone who has travelled & experienced more than her.
I’ve also never personally known someone who has experienced a loss journey like hers…
12 years ago my Joshua passed away, and then a few short years later, so did his little sister Leah. Neither child was expected to live to be a teenager, instead they’ll be #Forever23 and #Forever25.
Now Louise is writing a book, and using the books proceeds to support foundations that helped her through every tough year. She is paying it forward, and also using her own journey to help others deal with their own losses.
This photo of Josh was one of the last photos I took of him, when we met half way to Seattle in Leavenworth, so I could go for my summer visit. I love that it is the first photo on the gallery for the website of her book, and today I donated in honour of Josh, to support his mom, because she truly deserves the world.
She has a goal to reach in fifteen days, so I’m going to put the website in the comments and if ONE person donates even $5, she will appreciate more than you could know! If you can’t, maybe share my post, and someone else may have $5 to give ❤
❤️ Love you mama, I hope you reach your goal. I miss him, too. ❤

Selina Kozub

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