Website Book Blog Update – Dec 24, 2021

Happy Holidays!  I’m excited to share that my book “The Gift of Great
Sorrow; A Journey Thru Pain to Purpose” is through the editing, exterior and
interior design phases. We expect to announce the official launch date by
mid-January 2022.  A color hard cover, a black and white paperback and an
e-book version will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and various
other venues.

Below is a short excerpt from my book.  Please feel free to share this
website with family and friends who may be interested in information shared

Loss comes in many colors. It can come with the loss of a parent, life
partner, friend, marriage, beloved furry friend, an ability, or even a job.
It can also come in what many consider the most devastating loss of
all…loss of a child. In my case, it came in the loss of both of my
children. Joshua James Chalcraft, whose smile would light up a room, died
when he was 23. His sister Leah Ann, my little fireball filled with
compassion, died just a few years later at 25. My children suffered and
passed from the same disorder, Friedreich’s Ataxia, a hereditary disease
that lay hidden somewhere in the DNA of their father and my distant past,
unknown to either of us. It skipped many generations before bursting into
our lives without warning. Joshua was diagnosed at the age of six and the
day my little girl was diagnosed was the day I stopped praying. I had other
work to do, to re-edit a life I never imagined could be possible.

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