Marie-Noelle Nesbit

April 13, 2021

A passionate woman, a spirited soul, and my beautiful friend of 40 years.
A friend of hers recently spoke out when she presented me as’ her best friend’, “another best friend? you already have 200 best friends!”
That’s because its true; she is that person who will find something in you, to love about you, and you, will become her best friend.
She is that person that everyone gravitates to in a public gathering.
She is that person who people share their deepest intimacies with; within minutes of meeting her.
She is that shoulder you can cry on anytime (even when she herself is crying) and that person with whom you have fits of irrepressible laughter until you cry.
She loves deeply without holding back.
She is genuine and generous.
She lives her life with arms wide open no matter what is thrown at her.
She will walk with you, even carry you, and, all the way, because she has walked countless miles on many different roads.
She is my Oprah.
She makes the best of every moment; none is wasted.
I will never forget a time when I called her and asked how she was; Joshua had pretty much lost his sight by then and times were rough. She said she was painting little warrior men with (for) Joshua because he collected them; he couldn’t even see what they looked liked, nor the intricate paint job his mother was doing; it was crazy, tedious, work but it was not wasted time; his passion became her passion, and it really wasn’t about anything else but, the moment.
There was the time she stood in line at 4:00 am to get tickets to the Brittney Spears concert for Leah; she even arranged a stage appearance with her. What a moment!
There are so many moments; moments she has created because she truly believes,’ you only have one life to live so you better make the best of it!’ and, ‘life does not end in sorrow’. Her scrapbooks are certainly a testimony of this, but her life is so much more than pictures.
She is actively engaged in what she truly believes in; she doesn’t quit, and I am amazed at her perseverance in writing this book; another gift of her love.
I am so proud of you my friend.
Your bestest,